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Per-page scoping rates will vary, as industry polling proves, depending on technicality, audio services required, deposition or trial, size of file, and turnaround time frame. Generally, my rates will fall in the mid-range of industry standard. 

Below are general guidelines and per-page rates for your consideration:

Full Audio

Normal turnaround: $1.50

24 Hours: $2.50 +

*Same Day: $3.15 +


Normal Turnaround: $1.50 - $2.25

24 Hours: $2.75

*Same Day: $3.50

All rates are quoted as per page and based on an average writer. Rates are quoted at 25 lines per page. Additional lines per page will be invoiced at .05 per line per page. Rates are subject to increase for files with a large number of drops and/or UNTRANS/MISTRANS, extensive research requirements and/or technicality. Increases will usually not exceed upper limit quoted for timeframe.

Saturday and Sunday count as one workday. Holidays are not included in turnaround days.

*Short-notice work and/or turnaround time frames less than 12 hours will begin at this base rate and increase according to difficulty and turnaround.


Name: Darice Russell

Email: [email protected]